SKILL GAP by 2028

The primary concern in online training is the presence of a skills gap, which can create compliance issues and result in substantial costs for companies when they do not have employees with the necessary competencies. According to a report by Udemy, nine out of ten executives and managers anticipate skill gaps or are already facing them in their organizations within the next five years.

In one study conducted by Deloitte, it was found that placing staff members without the proper skills into positions can lead to missed manufacturing opportunities and a potential loss of over $454 billion in GDP by 2028.

Recruiting and talent management are also significantly impacted by this issue, as indicated by an SHRM study showing that 84% of employers face challenges with labor shortages during the hiring process, while 72% encounter a lack of well-qualified candidates. This may explain why "building critical skills and competencies" was identified as the top priority for HR leaders in Gartner's Top 5 HR Trends and Priorities for 2022 survey.

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