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Moodle is the abbreviation for -> Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment
All teaching scenarios that are not exclusively face-to-face or online can be described as blended learning or hybrid learning, i.e. as a combination of virtual and non-virtual learning settings and methods.
Film shots are made in front of a green screen when digital effects/objects/people/etc are to be inserted later. Also objects in front of the camera that are to be retouched out later, so to speak, can be wrapped in green film to make it easier to remove them digitally later. this is somehow related to the color intensity.
A MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) is a free online course that is accessible to everyone, but goes beyond conventional online training. A MOOC is structured like lectures or seminars at universities. It has a start and an end date and contains individual course modules that are released to the learner on a weekly basis along with their content (video lectures, theory scripts, homework/tests). The advantage is that participants can decide for themselves when they want to work on the material provided.
The authoring environment for companies create your own e-learning content
College-24 authoring tool as a component of the learning platform enables the simple creation of learning content and online courses without additional software. With the  authoring tool, you can easily and quickly create your own learning content for the learning platform as well as entries for Various authoring features enable a versatile and attractive implementation of your learning content. 

Some featuresfeatures:

  • Clear structuring options
  • Templates for content and question pages
  • Different elements for texts, exercises, questions etc.
  • Control questions with different question types
  • Integration of the common file formats PDF, PPT, MP4 etc.
  • Virtual lecture for interactive slideshows
  • Integrated evaluation function