Our courses are designed to immerse you in stories as you learn and practice Story Design.

Critical thinking

Learners must observe, think critically about the story and solve problems based on the story.

Practice skills

Activities in training give learners practice doing the actions that produce optimal performance on the job.

Knowledge transfer and competence development 
Our eLearning courses prepare learners to meet organizational standards, benefiting both individuals and overall success. 

With user-friendly interfaces and engaging content, our high-quality courses ensure effective and enjoyable training experiences, enabling learners to excel in their workplaces.

Driven by Excellence

Embark on an extraordinary learning journey with College-24, where you'll find an immersive learning world filled with a cutting-edge platform, pre-designed educational content, and bespoke services tailored for businesses!


Same as Basics, with added questions to verify your learning progress. Including instructor guides and additional printed training materials like group lessons.


Same as Advanced, including your own server, company logo, large questionnaire database, gamifications like crossword puzzles, and custom-made explainer videos.


Simple individual access for individuals or small companies. Ready-made courses in multiple languages with limited simple quizzes and other interactions.


Multiple Languages

Talk to us what language you are looking for.

Custom made training courses & videos

We are interested to hear what you would like to be trained in.

Instructor Notes

We offer instructor notes for conducting in-house or on-premises training, if you are interested.

Company & Student info

Track completion of course, score, etc

Every student is assigned their personal login to the learning platform.

Chat with other students

This feature can be ON/OFF as desired by company.

Website integration

You like to integrate the platform in your website, it can be done.


Our References

We are in good company.


Our mission is to enhance people's lives.
We are a dedicated team of passionate professionals working towards this goal.